I missed out on the whole Gilligan’s Island pie fight advertisement controversy over at Daily Kos last week because I was working a lot. I was dumbfounded to return to blogging and find Daily Kos in such turmoil and hundreds of new refugees hanging around at the “frog pond”, both of which I post at… I guess, overall, that I am mostly saddened at the resultant divisions in what is an incredible online community.

Well, like a moth to a flame, I find that I just can’t resist an attempt at healing through humor… knowing full well that there are tempers still flaring about this “Gender Bender”, I’d like to submit a peace offering to everybody… please just take it in the light hearted vein in which it is intended… submitted for your approval or disapproval is a new ad that Kos could run to make amends… click through if you dare…

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