Newsie’s Week in Reviewsies: Media Ignores GOP Scandals; Dean Comments Deemed More Worthy of Coverage

This regular meta-diary focuses on the best overlooked diaries (didn’t get front-paged or on to the recommended list) from the past week; it was once called “Week’s Best Diaries You Didn’t Read.” This column also includes information from elsewhere in cyberspace, blogosphere PSAs, and my own commentary. Diaries are listed because:

  1. they’re fabulously written & have SUBSTANCE
  2. they’ll educate you on candidates and states.  
  3. newsworthy items that got lost in the mix
  4. there was research involved (copyright rules must be followed)

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Best Thing I’ve Read On Dean’s Controversial Comments. JMHO

As for some of the responses from other Dems re: Dean’s comments, I think Harry Reid and Bob Shrum managed to give the best ones. (Yeah, I actually complimented Bob Shrum. I’ll never get a job with anyone who is best friends with Bob Shrum, but I’ll still give credit where credit is due.)

Hells yeah! The difference between the two parties

Q. What has contributed the most to declining approval of Congress in recent public opinion polls?

A. According to the National Journal’s Congressional Insiders Poll, the answer depends on your party affiliation. Republicans blame “partisan bickering,” while Democrats say the “failure to address the everyday concerns of average Americans.”

Democratic Officeholder(s) of the Week!
Blue Ribbon:
* Rep. Miller: Tell the Truth about Pensions – No More Double Books, by shirah


Pinocchio Politicians…Phony, Weak, Useless, Incompetent, Hypocritical, Radical, Petulant, Regressive, Corrupt & Power Hungry Right Wing “Worse Than Nixon” Republican “Do As I Say, Not as I Do” Coward Watch!

From elsewhere around the blogosphere. Items (copied, pasted or reworded) from various sources or compiled by me; some commentary is mine.
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