The grassroots of the Democratic Party fought hard to get Howard Dean elected as Chairman of the Democratic National Party despite the efforts of the DLC to keep the status quo. We won that battle. Over the last week, another battle has been raged. Some democrats in the DLC criticized and marginalized our DNC Chair, Howard Dean. Three Top Dem Fundraisers Resigned because Howard Dean did not spend enough time with them in New York and DC pandering to their needs. Instead, Dean has held fast and is continuing his 50 State Campaign Strategy to put democrats in office in all 50 states. But he still needs you. Please read on to see why and how we can help.

If many of you think that the attacks on Howard Dean last week by DLC members were just a tactic to get free airtime, think again. The Washington Post just ran this article this very morning.

Several key Democrats had said early last week that Dean should resign but concluded by week’s end that there was no viable movement to oust him.

Did you read that? They said he should resign. They also said that there was no viable movement to oust him.

Dean yesterday embraced his reputation for volatility, saying he is being buoyed by activists and donors.

That’s right. I among many others took action instead of sitting back and taking it from the fats cats in the Beltway. I created a fundraising page called We’ve got Dean’s back and so did many others. The fundraising page I created has raised $3,592.02 with 137 contributors. As you may also know, another activist, glynis has set up a Dean speaks for me petition.  Special thanks goes to sgilman for posting the diary here on Booman Tribune.

But remember, “several key democrats” said that there was no viable movement to oust Dean. That means we have to always remain on the ball and stay active because they will be working on creating a movement to oust him. This is not about one man, Howard Dean. It is about what Howard Dean represents: A clean, honest and efficient government which will help to raise the standard of living for all Americans, not just the wealthy. Remember, 78 million Americans did not vote in the last election. Howard Dean wants to reach out to these Americans and let them know that the Democratic Party does stand for something. It is difficult to send that message when 18 Democratic Members vote for the bankruptcy bill. If you check that link, you will note that Senator Joe Biden was one of them.    

As you can see, Howard Dean is a much better representative for the Democratic Party that wants to help the American live their American Dream. Joe Biden is beholden to Citibank, not the American people.  

So I ask all of you, please sign the Dean speaks for me petition and donate to We’ve got Dean’s back and ask other Americans who want to get politicians to represent them and not the fat cats in DC to do the same.

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