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It seems to be a long standing tradition here at Booman Tribune to have `getting to know you’ diaries.

I believe this began quite by accident when Booman himself posted a diary back in April asking the question Where Do You Live? Well, I wasn’t around back then, but browsing that thread now, I can tell you that it looked like a lot of fun (and some of the pictures are stunning).

This evolved over the following weeks and months into quasi-regular Tell Us diaries that were an opportunity for some of the original members (at diane101’s coaxing, it appears) to welcome newbies into the `family’ here.

One week ago today, there were 7 of these diaries documenting the growth of this community. Today, this diary will make #19 of them. (hey, I’m new here, don’t blame me for the discrepancy).

Needless to say, it has been an interesting week for everyone. Diane101, shirlstars, Oui, Man Eegee and others have worked some seriously long hours to ensure that everyone who chose to introduce themselves was greeted warmly and made to feel at home here in the pond. They did such of amazing job of making people feel comfortable that a number of newbies joined them in this series of diaries to help out with the rapidly escalating pace, and by Friday, Cake or Death, a new member here herself was posting and hosting #14. OK, some comedy ensued as we tried to work out um… technical glitches, but a lot of fun was had by all.

So, if you haven’t yet, please tell us a bit about yourself – I can’t necessarily explain why or how, but I have learned that this tradition has an awful lot to do with why this site works so well, and why this community is so solid.

*Oh, and please recommend this diary, and unrecommend #16 – it will save a lot of reminders later.

[editor’s note, by zander] – I’ve just learned that Mindmouth deserves credit for the original Tell Me about you diary – apologies.

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