Cops cracking down on Marin drivers who honk for peace

     “TIBURON, Calif. – Protesters are locking horns with police in pacifist-packed Marin County for fining drivers who honk for peace. (San Jose Mercury, free sub.)

There’s “OC star wants his acne tape” (is it a new acne removal adhesive?) at the Miami Herald. Then there’s “Fugitive school secretary turns self in.”

     Fugitive school secretary! Now that one really got me curious … her story is below the fold, along with more on “unlawful use of horn”:

School secretary Barbara Jo Price, who allegedly skimmed nearly $500,000 from a student activities fund at a San Jose middle school, turned herself in to police Saturday night, ending weeks on the run.

“She looked like she hadn’t slept or bathed in three days,” said her daughter Brandi Price, who drove her mother to San Jose police headquarters.

Authorities last week issued an arrest warrant accusing Barbara Jo Price, 44, of embezzlement. She had apparently spent the past few weeks in Texas. But late Saturday night, she telephoned her oldest daughter from a San Jose pay phone, saying she needed help finding the police department.

Brandi Price said her mother — who once coordinated gift and food drives around the holidays for Bret Harte Middle School’s underprivileged youth — suffered from depression and has experienced several nervous breakdowns since her son’s accidental death in a dentist’s chair in 1999.

“My mother has been under a lot of emotional distress, but she would never do anything that would take away from the children,” the younger Price said.

She described her mother as a selfless person and said she may have committed the crime at the behest of others. …

(San Jose Mercury, free sub.)

Now that story turned out to be sad.

She had been a school employee since 1993.

Back to the “Cops cracking on Marin drivers who honk for peace“”

“We have been picketing for a long time. All of a sudden the police are out there trying to stop the honks,” said peacenik Melvin Fiske, a corporal in the Marines during World War II. “We assume honking is as American as (apple) pie. If people want to applaud our actions it is their right to do that.”

Tiburon police Capt. Dave Hutton said excessive honking is an “unlawful use of horn” and officers are simply doing their job.

So far, officers have issued three citations and nine warnings.

Five to 10 protesters typically participate in the hourlong Friday peace vigils.

Protester William Rothman said about four weeks ago police began “lying in wait” for motorists. As soon as a driver honked, police pulled the car over.

One neighbor who lives near the protest site said the honking “annoys the hell out of me.”

(San Jose Mercury, free sub.)

P.S. “The OC star Adam Brody is offering $100 to anyone who can find a copy of a commercial he starred in — a commercial for an acne cream, reports

Brody, 25, played the before-and-after boy in a TV ad for a high-strength spot cream but has never seen it.

”My first commercial was for a medication grade acne [treatment] . . .” Brody said. “I’ve never seen it, but my friends have seen it. That’s in existence somewhere and $100 to whoever finds it!.” …

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