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We interrupt our regular Booman programming; this is a California emergency. Important instructions will follow.

A major muscle-flexing, steroid-abusing, Kennedy-marrying earthquake struck the Kahlifoania government on Tuesday, June 14th, at 6:45PM PDT. Officials at USGS estimated the magnitude at 9.4 on the modified corrupt-Demagogue scale.

The USGS immediately issued a warning for a massive coupnami that could strike the entire state of Kahlifoania in November 2005, rendering its government non-representative and potentially destroying what is left of its status as a decent place to live.

Citizens are advised to get out and protest early and often.

The Gropenator will probably ignore letters sent here, unless you also send a briefcase full of cash:

Schwarzenegger calls for special election

A second initiative would strip the Democratic-controlled Legislature of its power to redraw political districts, giving the task to a nonpartisan panel of retired judges.

All the retired judges will just happen to be Republican. Coincidence? Or evil Rovian plot to snag a few extra seats in Congress?

(an initiative) would empower the governor to cut midyear spending unilaterally when expenditures outpace revenues and would place a cap on state spending based on population and inflation.

Why bother having a legislature? Just declare the governator to be Emperor and get it over with.

One proposal would bar minors from getting abortions without parental consent…

It’s not worth having a special election without throwing a bone to the Fristian sect.

…another would restrict how public-employee labor unions spend membership dues.

And it wouldn’t be a Republican plan without giving a huge extended middle finger to labor unions.

The election is expected to cost taxpayers $80 million, though a majority of Californians favor putting the vote off, a Public Policy Institute of California poll found.

So we know the Gropenator is all about “democracy”, right?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger raised nearly $3 million during fundraising events in the second half of May, according to campaign disclosure reports released Friday. The reports include a partial accounting of money the governor received during a weekend trip to Republican strongholds in Florida, Illinois and Texas… among the big contributions were $1 million from Stockton developer Alex Spanos, $111,000 from Texas high tech mogul Jeff Rich, and $50,000 from oilman T. Boone Pickens…Schwarzenegger’s three-state trip included stops in Florida headlined by Gov. Jeb Bush. The California governor also appeared at a lunch in Chicago hosted by billionaire developer Samuel Zell and then a dinner in Dallas hosted by oil tycoon Pickens, and Rich, chief executive of Affiliated Computer Services.

Because you can’t be a Republican governor without sucking up to fat cats and Texas Oilmen at $1000 per plate dinners. All those special interests from out of state have one thing in mind: LOOTING CALIFORNIA!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is truly evil. He is subverting our democracy using the power of celebrity and gigantic piles of loot that would have made Gray Davis green with envy.

We are about to face a months-long barrage of political propaganda, paid for by Wall Streeters and corrupt Texas oilmen, that will test whether or not half the people can be fooled all of the time. Judging by the results of November 2004, it’s not entirely clear that the forces of democracy are going to win this one. But win it we must! Every single Gropenator proposal must go down in a crushing defeat, or we will have encouraged this kind of abuse to be repeated elsewhere.

Where to go to start organizing:


Public Workers Under Fire: Schwarzenegger Targets A Last Bastion of Security. America has a problem with its public employees. They are not downwardly mobile enough. Policemen, firefighters, teachers, hospital nurses — they still belong to the one part of the U.S. economy where the New Deal hasn’t been repealed. Though the attacks from the gazillionaire governor on the state’s public servants have only backfired, Arnold’s handlers do not sound daunted. On Sunday the Los Angeles Times, reporting on a series of bi-weekly phone calls that Schwarzenegger and his strategists hold with his leading business backers, quoted veteran Republican operative Don Sipple, in one recent call, telling the assembled Arnoldistas how they’d go after the public employees. “When you get to the point of . . . ‘These people are on your payroll, and they are out to roll you every day,’ that creates a kind of phenomenon of anger,” Sipple said. “But it takes a long time to get there.”

Teachers, firefighters, and police officers are “OUT TO ROLL YOU EVERY DAY!” Can you believe the gall of the GOP? Firefighters and police officers who have MODEST PAY and RISK THEIR LIVES EVERY SINGLE DAY are “OUT TO ROLL YOU”?

I’m angry. I’m angry at asshats like Don Sipple. I’m angry that the GOP is waging class war in a blue state, probably armed with the biggest pile of special interest loot ever assembled for a statewide election. California is becoming the front line in America’s class war.

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