First, let me just say that I am so fucking angry I could SCREAM. Fuck that fat bastard Sensenbrenner. He does not own the US Capitol.

It seems porky decided to pull the plug on Rep. Conyers’ planned hearing in to the Downing Street Memo in hopes that he could keep a lid on this thing. He fucked up.

He fucked up because this time we’re fighting back. This time we need hit back HARD!

Strategy session on the flip…
It appears that the DNC is offering to host the hearing. That’s a good start, but I think we can either do better or augment the hearing in a loud and press grabbing way. Personally, I would have preferred something more splashy, like the Capitol steps, but it IS hotter than hell here on the east coast right now. Also, I would have preferred that the response appear more angry citizen-like than something from the DNC which makes it that much easier to pass off as “partisan”. Whatever.

We need to make the fat bastard and the GOP pay through the fucking nose for this. We need to make sure that the goal of silencing this hearing blows up in their face. We need to make noise, BIG NOISE. I’ve already offered my 600 watt PA and anything else I can get my hands on. We need to have a presence in DC and around the country on  thursday.

Organize a demo in your hometown this thursday. City Hall, your local newspaper or TV station, your congresscritter’s office. Whatever you think is going to work best.

Encourage everyone you know to sign John Conyers’ letter. Print copies of them and post them around town. Whatever it takes.

What else can we do to make sure that this stunt comes back to take a mighty chunk out of their collective asses? What do you think about what I’ve laid out so far?

How can we make these assholes pay dearly for continuing to pull this shit?

I’m all ears and the floor is open.

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