I have always been a supporter of human rights for all. And that does mean all… including gays. I mean really, who the hell am I to tell someone else what to be attracted to sexually? Who made me God? … which leads me to God… is it so much to ask, really, truly, to leave him out of it when discussing basic human rights that are codified in law for all citizens of a country? You do live in America (or Canada as the case may be for me) right? Separation of powers and all… or did you skip school that day?

With that preamble, on to my question after the flip.

What exactly does two women or men being married have to do with my marriage of 11 years? How exactly will this undermine my fantastic relationship with my husband?

Seriously, I want an answer because this has been a flippant non-argument used by opponents of two people who happen to be of the same sex enjoying the same rights and status as me and mine.

Shouldn’t I be more concerned with some other woman coming along and having an affair with my man? Isn’t that much more logical? Or is it that by legalizing gay marriage all of a sudden my husband & I would turn gay? Or that more of our kids would be “indoctrinated”? That makes no sense, you either are or you aren’t (or you’re a bit of both, but whole other story) so I really don’t get it. Somebody help me out here please.

Or is it that if gay marriage was legal all those “closet” homosexuals will all of a sudden come out and reduce the dating pool? Is that it? No… it couldn’t be.

Hmmm… so that leaves religion.

I’m not going to engage in a religious debate because it is a personal thing. Yup. That’s right. My religion is personal and none of the business of the State. The State takes care of making sure we are all equal and free & we take care of our own lives and those of our family and neighbours. And if you choose not to accept homosexuality because of your religion then that’s fine. If you want to write about it, or go on talk radio.. totally cool too. Freedom of speech and all.


You have no right to impose your religious views into my life or the lives of others. Marriage is not something that one religion owns (nor those of non-religious belief). Therefore, no one religion or group of people can declare that “marriage is sacred”. Nope. It’s timehonored for sure, but sacred… by which religion? People were getting married back in the day in non-Christian or Muslim countries as well…

Long story short… answer the question please. No one has yet and I’ve asked quite a bit over the years.

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