Some thoughts on perceptions, health, medical science, and alternative modalities.

These things, although many of them backed by study and research, are being presented to you as a conversation.  A conversation of those things that have informed my particular views of the topic.  So from that view, they are my opinions and they are opinions held by far more than probably most of you are aware of.  It is not my purpose to “change your mind”, it is just a conversation that might offer some perspectives you have not been aware of.
I am asking you to play a “what if” game with me for the purpose of directing our conversation in a respectful and open manner.  You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs.  Each of us are. Yours do not need to be compatible with mine, mine do not need to be compatible with yours. We allow each other our own space in the universe to view and experience life as we choose it.

In my lifelong studies of how the hell to get through this life with something worthwhile and something containing some joy, my focus and my direction ultimately led me to Metaphysics, among many, many other philosophies.  From that study I have formed and shaped an understanding of how things work in the universe and how to use those things to my best interest and happiness.  It showed me there is a much bigger picture of what this life is all about and what our participation in it might be.

In my opinion, our society or culture in the United States is driven by FEAR.  Huge, big, overwhelming fear.  Probably biggest among them is our fear of death.  Not just our own, but the death of those we love and care about.  I would suggest if you haven’t already, or if it has been a very long time, please read anything that Elizabeth Kubler Ross has written on the subject and Dr Bernie Siegel’s book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles”.  They do a much better job of giving you their knowledge on the subjects than I can, and they have the advantage of being medical doctors which gives a perspective I don’t personally have.

Fear is the most destructive force in the universe.  It is the basis of all illness.  Just take a look at how ill our society has become since 9/11 and the constant fear mongering of the press and the administration.  It brings about the conditions that open us up for physical disease and illness. . .it is an immune system depleter, or even an immune system killer.  And our biggest fear seems to be what?  Death.

Death is a part of life.  It is not separate from life, it is not something unique and foreign that only a few experience.  It is part of the life cycle here.  We seem to hold the view that there is a certain way that death was meant to enter this life experience, and that is only at the end of long years and life lived.  What if we are mistaken about that.  What if prior to coming through birth into this lifetime you, (yes you the individual you) decided or chose that there was something you wished to accomplish, something very specific and it wouldn’t take very long for you to do that, so you were very happy with the idea of 12 years max as your life span for this lifetime.  Or maybe it was 20 years, 30 years, 100 years.  In relation to the universe, time is a very nebulous thing.  Even a perceived long and eventful life of 85 or 90 years is hardly a blink of an eyelash as relates to things beyond our earth.

When we feel separate and apart from the rest of the universe, it can seem very much like this shot at this one lifetime is all there is and so we have a tendency to hang onto it with great fear.  What if you have always existed and will always exist although perhaps not in this particular physical form?  (matter cannot be destroyed) What if all the beauty and the wonder of your individuality is eternal?  Never lost, always adding to the whole of creation.  Then it seems, to many of us, death is really the door opening to the next step in universal evolution of the soul or spirit.  Hardly an ending place, much more of a transition place.

One thing I know for certain (and you may know something entirely different) is that how we experience this life and the manner and degree of health we experience is contained within our personal belief system.  So it is quite individual from one person to another.  Your perspective of your truth is what matters.  You may change your perspectives many times, indeed continually if you are like me, or you may grab a hold of one viewpoint and stubbornly or with great unmoving determination never change it.  That is up to you and that brings forth everything you experience and how you experience it.

If you believe in Medical Science and procedures, then that is where you will find your very best solutions to those things that are illness and disease within your physical body.  That is your truth and you should never choose options that you don’t believe in.  That would be foolish.  I have no quibble with your beliefs in Medical Science.  I have found a better way for ME.  That does not make it a better way for anyone else.  I have a multitude of experiences and anecdotal material that backs up my belief, just as you do for yours.

If I hadn’t changed my views on this subject, I might not be walking today.  I might not be alive today.  I might not be in such wonderful health and pain free life as I experience today.  But here I am at 64, taking no medications, seeing no doctors, living a very happy and healthy life, and fearing death not at all.

Many of you are experiencing ill health and illness within your families.  My heart and compassion goes out to you as you face these difficult times.  If I can offer any help, or if knowing that I am there with you energetically or in spirit is of any assistance, know that it is there.  If you are confident and pleased with the medical service you are getting, I am very happy for you.  If you are wondering if there is another way, or other ways and are open to discuss it, then I will be happy to share what I understand and listen to all others that want to share what they understand.

So Let’s talk. . .

Update [2005-6-16 12:9:19 by shirlstars]:In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that This diary is Diane101’s fault. She has this way of telling me I really need to do a diary about _______(fill in the blank)and then sending me off to do it. So blame her for the subject matter, blame me for the content. (did I ever mention that she is pushy er. . persuasive? but she sure has a way of getting things done)

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