My first diary – please be kind!

For those following the twists and turns of the minority Liberal government as they attempt to get things done in the face of non-confidence votes, another hurdle is fast approaching.

The Conservatives came out yesterday stating that they will not disrupt the passage of the budget amendment (scheduled for Thursday) if the Liberal government agrees to back off on Bill C-38 or the Marriage Bill. They want the Libs to postpone the introduction of C-38 until the fall session.

The Liberals, in fact Prime Minister Martin himself, have promised to get this bill passed before the summer recess (which is next week btw).

And as I was putting this diary together, the local news  (0200hEST) just reported that the liberal government has declined the Conservative’s offer.

Martin’s spokesman Scott Reid said, “There is no deal and there will be no deal between the government and the Conservatives to delay the civil marriage legislation until the fall. Period.”

We’ll see what happens later today when they meet to pass the budget bill. The Conservs have threatened to oppose and delay, with 90 speakers ready to cause as much havoc as possible.


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