Good Day Everyone!

The votes were taken and the decision was made and this “jumpin joint’ is now open for business.
I must say I had to do a lot of cleaning this morning to get the place ready to open.  You guys were here really late last night, or early depending on your global location and left a mess.  Words everywhere,I could hardly find my way in.  LOL

I just got up, California time it is 7:00 Am and I have to hurry and get ready to go with my daughter today, so I don’t have time to write anything funny or snappy, so I will just go with this bare bones writing today and let you all just come in and have fun and do what you like to do, talk.

Final Result of Poll
Name this center

.    Froggy Bottom Cafe    48%    
.    Frog Pond Cafe    14%    
.    Pond-er Inn    2%    
.    Tadpole City    0%    
.    Lily Pad    14%    
.    Under the LIly Pad    8%    
.    Daily Pond-Hopper    0%    
.    Living on a Lily Pad    0%    
.    Hop on Over to My Pad    2%    
.    Write in candidate    8%    

Votes: 47

have a great day/night everyone and I will see you  later, not too much drinking now, you hear!!!!

These are the hosting days that have been taken so far.

babaloo: Mon.
Katie Bird: Tues
Diane101: Wed
Kansas: Thur.
Cabin Girl: Friday

Coffee and doughnuts are now being served!!!

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