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Subject: Israel Democracy Day 17-06-05

Dear Friends,

On June 17th a national day of struggle against the occupation will be marked in Israel.

If you haven’t been there yet, visit visit Back To Israel website to read more about it. The cost of organizing this important event is over $20,000, and we rely on the friends of Democracy all over the world to help us finance it. To help the Israeli peace camp fight for democracy and against the occupation, donate!

Thank you for your support.

An online game was developed to raise awareness to this event and to the ongoing construction in the west bank. We bring you the English version of it.

Enjoy Wild West Bank , and make sure you pass it on to all your friends!

Arik Diamant

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Ben Yehuda
Tel Aviv 61161

Courage to Refuse
See also earlier comment I posted:

European Jews for a Just Peace, EJJP
Thanks again for diary on important humanitarian issue. I was just looking for a diary to add my comment — I will contact this Dutch organization, perhaps they will contribute at Booman Tribune.

I had heard a lot of the Dutch section of these activists, through interviews on National Radio. I have deep respect for its founder, his principles and him coming forward to Let His Jewish Voice Be Heard!

European Jews for a Just Peace [EJJP] is a federation of Jewish groups from different European countries. Its principles are formulated in the Amsterdam Declaration

Amsterdam Declaration
We, representatives of eighteen Jewish peace organisations from nine European countries, gathered together at the conference “Don’t say you didn’t know” in Amsterdam on the 19 and 20th of September 2002, call upon:

  • the Israeli government to change its current policy and implement the the proposals in the following declaration and
  • all other governments, the United Nations and the European Union to put pressure on the Israeli government to implement the proposals in the following declaration:
  • we believe that the only way out of the current impasse is through an agreement based on the creation of an independent and viable Palestinian state and the guarantee of a safe and secure Israel and Palestine. We condemn all violence against civilians in the conflict, no matter by whom it is carried out.
        Caterpillar – A Tool of Occupation

  • Likud Netherlands
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