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The Pinellas Medical Examiner’s Office will be holding a press conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time to release the results of Terri Schiavo’s autopsy.  Her husband and her parents were scheduled to receive the results earlier this morning.

Link to St Petersburg Times article

I’ll update this diary with the results for those who can’t watch the press conference but I wanted to post early enough for those who can watch to be able to.  I expect the MSM will cover the press conference as we all know she’s was a white woman and they are always news.

For those needing a refresher the University of Miami has a nice timeline, with links, that outlines the history of the case.  Check out the last entry which links to a story about the last protester who insists she will stay forever.  Oh boy.

U of M Schiavo timeline

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Just to remind people, a review of some previous diagnoses:

Senator Bill Frist (Republican), Doctor – heart/lung surgeon
“I question it based on a review of the video footage … And that footage, to me, depicted something very different than persistent vegetative state,” source

Representative Dave Weldon (Republican), Doctor – internal medicine
“By my medical definition, she was not in a vegetative state based on my review of the videos, my talking to the family, and my discussing the case with one of the neurologists who examined her.” source

Representative Phil Gingrey (Republican), Doctor – obstetrics and gynecology
“[Schiavo] responds to the people around her. “The tragedy of this situation is that with proper treatment, now denied, Terri’s condition can improve.” source

Representative Tom Delay (Republican), Criminal
“She talks and she laughs and she expresses likes and discomforts.” source



Damn MSNBC cut to the reporter as they were going to answer whether or not she could hear but here’s the info I gathered from the conference.

They incorporated not only the results from the autopsy, but conducted interviews with family, friends and previous medical staff, examined previous medical and court records.

Initial Collapse
Bulimia/Anorexia – no evidence
Heart Attack – no evidence
Caffeine OD – no evidence
Strangulation – no evidence
Trauma – no evidence

Any fractures occurred after initial collapse due to osteoporosis which would be expected for anyone in her condition.

Not able to eat by mouth – not able to eat safely or in sufficient amounts without aspirating

Attacks on Michael Schiavo
no evidence of trauma
no evidence of she was given substances to speed her demise
no morphone in her system at time of death

normal brain weight 1200 to 1300 grams
Terri’s brain weight 615 grams (Quinlin’s brain weighed 835 grams)
her brain was profoundly atrophied
damage was irreversible
no therapy could help
blind due to occipital necrosis (remember the tape where they claimed she followed the balloon with her eyes)



Press Coverage

St Petersburg Times – they have done a great job covering this story and are one of the few independent papers
FOX News



Doctors who insisted she wasn’t in a PVS talking about blind Terri’s ability to see

Dr. William Maxfield – Schindler’s family doctor
“She was actually following the balloon with her eyes, with turning her head to the side.” source

Dr. William Cheshire Jr – Governor Bush used him as part of DCF review team
“”When I first walked into the room, she immediately turned her head toward me and looked directly at my face. There was a look of curiosity or expectation in her expression, and she maintained eye contact for about half a minute.” source

Dr. William Hammesfahr – Hannity’s “Nobel Prize Nominated” friend
Terri’s eyes fixate on her family (I’m still looking for exact quote) source



****PDF Copy of Autopsy Report from St. Petersburg Times****

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