The WaPo has a “is he running in 2008?” piece on John Edwards that’s just chock-full of good quotes.

My favorite:

In his speeches, he uses the vocabulary of morality and social responsibility to talk about the nation’s persistent inability to narrow the gaps in income and opportunity.

In the process, he aims to signal that Republicans, and particularly the Christian right, do not have a monopoly on issues of faith or personal conviction.

“We believe in giving voice to those who have no voice. That’s what the Democratic Party is supposed to be all about,” Edwards told several hundred Democrats and labor activists in Chicago on Monday at a convention of Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

To an Iowa housing and homelessness group, he asked, “What does it say when we do nothing — nothing but turn our backs — for 45 [million] to 46 million people who have no health care coverage? These are not the signals . . . of what our collective moral values are.”

Damn skinny they’re not, John.

Pull your favorite quote below.

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