Here’s more on it… something I got in e-mail.  I don’t know any of the people or groups involved.  Just passing it along.

Please RSVP as usual specifying Press Conference
and/or Community Forum.

Request for Peacekeepers –

Event: The Basra Oil Workers Delegation – Six Iraqi
labor leaders are
touring the US to speak with members of the labor
movement to educate trade
unionists about the conditions faced by Iraqi
workers and their struggles to
build direct worker-to-worker, union-to-union
solidarity and support for
Iraqi trade unionists in their effort to build a
progressive secular Iraq.

Special note: For security reasons, no backpacks or
large bags will be
permitted at these event.

When:  23 June

Press Conference and Rally  at 11 am
meet at 10:30 am – Stevedoring Services of America,
1050 SW Spokane St

Community Forum at 7 pm
meet at 6:30 pm in lobby – Seattle Labor Temple,
2800 First Avenue

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