Pardon me, BooMan.  I like this site.  I am glad that for the first time, I had a recommended diary anywhere right here.

But I cannot, for the life of me, join the blog membership of Liberal Streetfighter.

I have tried and tried to register but the software keeps bugging out and refusing to recognize me.  That’s right.  They don’t recognize my handle or my password.

Is this some sort of private membership club?  That people only join if they are recommended?

Seems like one of the big time literary competitions that lay out who they are and how much they give to the winner and then say, “Please no outside queries or submissions.  We draw up our own list and then award the winner.”

I have tried to contact Theoria, the proud proprietor of this blog.  I have tried to contact Marisacat for assistance; she’s said good things about my posts before.  In every instance, I am thrown out by the software on my rear end.

Sometimes it is just not politics.  It is the damn software.  I must be some dangerous lady.

I use Mozilla Firefox, so that may be the reason why it doesn’t recognize me.  I hate MSN and may simply get rid of it; I prefer GMail and Firefox.

That’s right.  I am an enemy of the Microsoft Empire run by the Emperor Gates.

But that’s no reason to discriminate.

I would rather have waited for a free thread to lay out my concerns.  But it is now about 10 a.m EST and I have  other work to do stemming from my move to Wisconsin in early July.

So, let me know what I should do, short of prostrating on my knees and groveling to the blog gods.  Because I don’t lay down like that for just anyone.

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