Blair surely can’t still believe in the ‘special relationship’ after this: leaked documents that form part of the US submission to the G8 action plan demonstrate that Bush is cynically and deliberately undermining the efforts to tackle climate change (no surprise there then!)

The documents show that Washington officials:

· Removed all reference to the fact that climate change is a ‘serious threat to human health and to ecosystems’;

· Deleted any suggestion that global warming has already started;

· Expunged any suggestion that human activity was to blame for climate change.

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What will it take for Blair to realise that Bush will not do anything to benefit anyone else but himself and his oil buddies?

Another section erased by the White House adds: ‘Our world is warming. Climate change is a serious threat that has the potential to affect every part of the globe. And we know that … mankind’s activities are contributing to this warming. This is an issue we must address urgently.’ The government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir David King, has dismissed the leaking of draft communiques on the grounds that ‘there is everything to play for at Gleneagles.’ However, there is no doubt that many UK officials have become exasperated by the Bush administration’s refusal to accept the basic principle that climate change is happening now and is due to man’s activities..

Blair will have that place in history he yearns for – as a dupe, a patsy, and maybe the man responsible for turning the UK into an annex of the Bush empire.

On another note – the number of leaked documents these days is getting very interesting. I just hope that they don’t become commonplace in the reaction to them because there are so many.

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