The ACLU joins the chorus of those unhappy with the Bush Administration’s approach to dealing with science that doesn’t fit their policies and restricting information based on homeland security issues.

AP The American Civil Liberties Union charged Tuesday that the Bush administration is placing science under siege by overzealously tightening restrictions on information, individuals and technology in the name of homeland security.

The administration “has sought to impose growing restrictions on the free flow of scientific information, unreasonable barriers on the use of scientific materials and increased monitoring of and restrictions on foreign university students,” the ACLU said.

The ACLU also criticized the treatment of foreign students and researchers, complaining that the visa process is too cumbersome and that foriegn scientists are restricted from certain types of research without sound justification.

While I can imagine circumstances where certain types of sensitive intelligence information or defense related research should be restricted, the Bushies have clearly used this pretext for hiding/altering information that is merely counter to their policies and has no clear security risk.

This subject seems to be attracting more headlines recently.  The chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality was recently outed for altering a report on Global Warming, quiting his government position, and immeadiately  accepting a job working for Exxon (AP).    And Page recently summarized several articles on efforts to weaken the G8 report on global warming. And just yesterday the Union of Concerned Scientists submitted a letter of protest to the Bush Administration concerning their policy of limiting the use of scientific information in endangered species management.

Denver Post Some want the repeal of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife regional policy preventing the use of new genetic data, saying it gives leeway for some populations to be wiped out.  A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service policy that critics say may undermine the Endangered Species Act by ignoring new genetic studies in evaluating plants and animals drew a protest letter today from 163 scientists.

The letter, sponsored by the Washington-based Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit public-policy group, urges that the policy be rescinded.

The Bush adminstration refers to their approach to science as merely  part of the “standard editing and review process.”  We know better.  We know it’s part of their efforts to fix the facts around their policies.

Their approach to science is one way Democrats can really distinguish ourselves from the Republican’s.  They are the party that believes policy should be crafted based on sound information.  Whether it is scientific or intelligence data, DEms want the facts to help them govern.

When I compile a list of all the places the Bush Administration and their allies have either suppressed, distorted, or changed scientific data and analyses it makes my head reel.

Global Warming


Breast Cancer and Abortion

Abstinence Programs

Endangered Species:  Grazing, Genetic Data, Defining Harm, No new species listed (Xray the Enforcer)

HIV and French Kissing

Birth Control and Sterility

Gays and Adoption

Effects of Mercury

Terry Schiavo’s Diagnosis

Stem Cells (Xray the Enforcer)

Add yours to the list, I’m sure I missed a lot.

Knowledge is power.  By creating your own versions of reality you increase your power.  That is until you are found out.  And I hope we are beginning to witness a new interest by the MSM in the Bush Administration’s shameful disrespect for reality.

Downlaod the ACLU’s report here: The Assault on Scientific Freedom

Note:  For those of you who read DKos I’m sorry for the cross-posting.  It has become my impression that science related diaries only get attention at DKos if their written by one of the front pagers.  That’s OK, its part of the proccess of there. (Maybe it’s my writting.)  But, if I’m going to spend time diarying science and conservation issues, I do want it read.  So, I am  again trying out the waters here.  Perhaps I’ll find a home here and only post here.  Enjoy.

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