This is one Blog that American citizens who care about the future of the country better pay attention to. The issues detailed below are as serious as a heart attack, so listen up and pay attention to the dots!
Preface: General Eisenhower, who was elected President in 1952, introduced a policy that institutionalized the preservation of all of the natural resources on our land and under the ocean waters close to our shores and under American control and jurisdiction. Eisenhower championed this idea as the result of his personal experience with extreme material shortages in his position of Supreme Commander of the American and Allied forces during World War II. He stated that that it was a matter of national security that the United States protect and preserve its indigenous natural resources, and it must acquire any and all resources needed from foreign sources or from the international market. From his perspective preservation of indigenous natural resources was a major component of American Military preparedness. This policy was scrupulously followed by successive Presidential administrations until recent times.

In 1970, a major under water oil find off the coast of Washington was announced in the New York Times. The geologists estimated that the size of this reserve was larger than the Saudi Arabian reserves and that it would meet the oil consumption needs of the United States “at the current rate of growth” for the next 100 years! The particulars concerning this historic find remained on the pages of the New York Times for two days and then completely disappeared from print or discussion.

In 1972, geologists announced a gigantic oil find in the South China Sea. They estimated that the offshore reserves in this location were at least 100 times larger than any known oil deposits in the world, including Saudi Arabia. Immediately, all of the other Asian nations ringing the South China sea started contacting western oil interests for proposals for exploration off their respective shores. However, China announced to the world that the Peoples Republic of China and the PRC alone owned all of reserves in the South China Sea, and any exploration by anyone without permission from the PRC would be considered a trespasser and would be subject to all of the military might of the PRC. However, Nixon temporarily opened the door for exploration and drilling by American oil companies through his famous “Ping-Pong diplomacy” and a subsequent visit to Beijing in 1972.
Currently both Communist China and the United States of America are both locked in a post-cold-war struggle to acquire foreign non-indigenous sources of raw materials, including oil. The Chinese Communists flush with American billions are sending legions of trade representatives around the globe to purchase acquisition rights to raw materials from foreign governments. Their recent successes have been in the Sudan and in Canada to name two, and most such deals have occurred during the George W. Bush presidency. The Chinese do not view the United States as a competitor; but rather as a fading super power, whose decadent needs for raw materials are self-serving and are interfering with China’s destined expansion to become the ultimate power in the world.

June 22, 2005, Chevron made a $16 billion purchase offer for its smaller U.S. rival, Unocal Corp.  Subsequently, CNOOC Ltd., China’s largest offshore oil and gas producer is considering submitting a counter bid for Unocal that would trump Chevron’s offer.

A provision in the current Energy Bill being currently debated in the Senate would fund exploration for gas and oil in the site of the reserves offshore from Washington State. The Senator from Washington is fighting against this provision of the Energy bill on the grounds that offshore drilling in this area will create tremendous environmental and ecological damage. However, this is a weak argument compared to the risk it poses to the security of the United States! Make no mistake China is not our friend. As matter of fact, technically we are still at war with China from the days of the Korean War. We never formally ended hostilities with China. We (and the United Nations) signed a truce with North Korea which exists today, but that truce does not include China or relieve her from her role of combatant against the United States on the Korean peninsula.

So let’s connect the dots. If CNOOC buys Unocal, it will own an American oil company. If the Senate passes the Energy bill with the provision to open up the oil reserves offshore from the State of Washington, CNOOC/Unocal will have the right to setup offshore rigs and start pumping oil into tankers bound for China. It should be noted that the Communist Chinese kicked American oil interests out of the South China Sea as soon as their (PRC) engineers were capable of designing and building deep sea oil platforms, using technology that they learned from the hopeful American oil companies. Under these circumstances could you visualize any American oil consortium buying a Communist Chinese oil company?
America’s security is being compromised by greedy oil interests, who care little for the future security of the country and are only concerned with money regardless from whose hands it is received. The current situation merits the necessity for those real patriots to standup and step out before it is too late. With a dedicated nipple into American oil reserves, the Chinese will have won the battle for economic expansion without touching their own South China Sea reserves while draining ours to meet their needs. Sure the other members of the oil lobby will have their own nipples to exploit, but at the ultimate price of military preparedness and national security. This situation aids our enemies and compromises our own security. Its time to get our heads out of the behinds of “Desperate Housewives” and get in tune with world strategies. Its time to WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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