Anyone here know anything about this Bohemian Club/Grove stuff?
Me thinks the powerful has too much time and money on their hands. Interesting people, members and antics though.

The religious righteous worshippers of Bushco, might get a real eye-opener with this. I sure did. I guess when one works hard they gotta play hard.

“The Bohemian Grove — which I attend, from time to time — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that San Francisco crowd. I can’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”

– President Richard M. Nixon


Bohemian Grove and the George W. Bush Administration*

July 2000: Just as in the Reagan administration of the 1980’s, the newly “selected” Bush Jr. is strongly backed up by the boys at Bohemian Grove. Some Connections:

GEORGE BUSH SR.–Father and Past President–Hillbillies Camp**

DONALD RUMSFELD–Bush Cabinet-Secretary of Defense–Hillbillies Camp

JAMES BAKER lll–Election Advisor and Spokesman–Woof Camp

GEORGE SCHULTZ–Election Advisor and Spokesman–Mandalay Camp

COLIN POWELL–Bush Cabinet–Secretary of State–Frequent Guest and Speaker in the ’80s and 90’s at the Summer encampment-May now be a member

RICHARD CHENEY–Vice President–frequent guest. Last spotted in July 2000

JOHN J. O’CONNOR lll–Husband of U.S. Supreme Court Justice

SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR who recently cast pivitol Supreme Court vote for George W — Pelicans Camp (Sandra herself cannot belong to the Grove as no women are allowed)

ANTONIN SCALIA–Justice, U.S. Supreme Court–Bohemian Grove Lakeside Talk: July 25, 1997 Subject: Church, State and the Constitution


Some backup people to watch for:

A.W. CLAUSEN (past president World Bank and Bank of America)-Hillbillies Camp

EDWIN MEESE lll–Cave Man Camp (same as Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover)

HENRY KISSINGER–Former Reagan Secretary of State–Mandalay Camp

STANFORD’S HOOVER INSTITUTE–Strongly connected to Bohemian Grove


Too numerous to mention but ripe for an updated research piece, these are the men who truly “own” the presidency and represent the defense industry, the energy and nuclear industry, financial, media and military establishments.

*Camp memberships taken from the 1997 KEY TO CAMP LOCATIONS which is the latest list we have been able to obtain from inside the Grove. Lakeside talks from Bohemian Grove Programs of Events.

**Hillbillies Camp (George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld) also has a membership overlap with many other members of Yales Skull & Bones society.


Just sharing some googling fun.

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