“GAS bills for millions of homes will soar by 15 per cent to levels which have never been ‘seen or done before’, Britain’s biggest supplier warned yesterday. The rise will hit consumers across the UK who are already reeling from two major price hikes last year which saw bills increase by more than 18 per cent,” reports The Scotsman.

Consumers already are facing record petrol prices because of the rising cost of oil which was hovering just below the $60-a-barrel mark last night.

Last night, Graham Kerr, a spokesman for Energywatch Scotland, said the independent consumer watchdog expected to see a rise in people struggling to pay increased energy bills.

“There is only so much people can afford to pay before it becomes utterly unbearable. This impact will have a severe effect on people on low incomes who have to make daily choices on how to budget the limited funds they have.

Meanwhile, CBS Marketwatch headlines withOil tars U.S. Stocks. Shares see second straight
triple-digit loss on worries that crude prices will slow growth.”

And The Scotsman also leads with “Soaring oil prices prompt airlines to raise their fares: BRITISH Airways passengers are to be hit with a fifth fuel surcharge on tickets in little over a year after oil prices surged to a new high.”

How are rising energy prices hitting you?

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