I don’t know about anyone else, but it strikes me as pretty ridiculous when a guy like Rove, who probably got more than his share of wedgies back in high school, starts going off accusing liberals of being soft, as if he’s some kind of tough guy.

And how is advocating showing restraint after 9/11 a sign of weakness?  If we didn’t show restraint and fully apprise the situation before acting, we might go off half-cocked and strike out blindly against some country that had nothing to do with it.  That would just make things worse. Oh wait, that’s what we did, wasn’t it?

The cartoon I did was about Rove’s insinuation that liberals would like to see American troops die.  Yes, that’s right, we didn’t want to strike back after 9/11 because we’re squeamish and wanted to avoid any more bloodshed but we want to see lots of bloodshed in Iraq.  

Makes sense in Rove’s mind.

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