NEOConeHeads! (Bood, please do it now!)

From the same crowd who promised us Iraqis dancing in the street and welcoming us as liberators, another cornerstone of the neocon delusional reality has crashed back to earth. … [Iran’s election gave] a relatively unknown hardline fundamentalist a decisive victory with over 60% of the vote. …

   [N]eo-con luminaries, such as Michael Ledeen, have pushed the nonsense that Iran is filled with a bunch of neo-westerners eager to throw off the shackles of Islamic extremism. Whoops!

   Yesterday’s election confirms that the force of Islamic fundamentalism remains very strong … the new Government in Iran is likely to be more aggressive in backing its Shia brethren in Iraq who will press to install Shariah law as the legal basis of the “new” Iraq. [And] Iran will continue to use terrorism [as] part of its foreign policy.

   Here’s a good rule of thumb: Listen to a neocon prediction and then take the opposite position. You will rarely be wrong.

   – Larry Johnson, Counterterrorism Blog

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