Newsie’s Week in Reviewsies: Rove Lies; Bush & Cronies’ Betrayal of Trust

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Rove’s pathetic comments (projecting much?) regarding 9/11 got so much coverage. I’m not going to post many links here re: the Bush & Cronies bullshitting on this issue, because it’s gotten extensive coverage elsewhere. I have two slogans and themes that the Democrats should try to work in for 2006: “Actions, Not Words” and “Betrayal of Trust.”  

Pinocchio Politicians…Phony, Weak, Useless, Incompetent, Hypocritical, Radical, Petulant, Regressive, Corrupt & Power Hungry Right Wing “Worse Than Nixon” Republican “Do As I Say, Not as I Do” Coward Watch!

From elsewhere around the blogosphere. Items (copied, pasted or reworded) from various sources or compiled by me; some commentary is mine.
Overshadowed News & Outrage(s) of the Week

More outrages & news:

More blogs that frequently have posts that deal with this topic:

  • GoDaddy president retracts pro-torture blog posting, by tunesmith
  • Mich. GOP: Screw Education, by shirah
  • Norm Coleman Scratches Developers Back, Gets His Scratched, by doink
  • TX Sen. Hutchison Joins Rove and The White House, by Garemko She lies!
  • “Democrats can’t help denigrating and demonizing Christians”-Rep Hostettler, by Tigre Caps
  • Senator Gordon Smith (OR) shorts the VA, by mz

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    • (Hotline) Sunday — Meet the Press hosts Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld and Bono. Face the Nation hosts Gen. John Abizaid. This Week hosts Rumsfeld and ex-FBI dir. L. Patrick Gray. Fox News Sunday hosts Rumsfeld. Late Edition hosts Abizaid, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), and Iraqi PM Ibrahim al-Jaafari. Other Weekend Shows — CNN’s Capital Gang broadcasts its final show at 7 p.m. C-SPAN’s “Road to the White House” travels with Sen. George Allen (R-VA) in Manchester and John Edwards in Nashua (6:30 p.m.). * Rocky Mountain News Dismisses DSM, by pacified
    • Media News Monday 6/20/05, by Newsie8200 Non-DKos RWCM watch here.
    • Penndit’s RWCM Watch & Media News Link Listing
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