On Thursday, the SCOTUS met to decide whether to hear the Valerie Plame appeals (the ones brought by Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller regarding their refusal to identify their sources before the Valerie Plame grand jury).  The SCOTUS’s decision, in all likelihood, will be announced TOMORROW, as it is the last opportunity for the Court to announce decisions on cert. petitions this term.
If SCOTUS declines to take the case, then Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper must either testify before the grand jury or go to jail.  There will be no more delays.

And, if they testify, Fitzgerald will be able to wrap up the Plame investigation (as he’s stated that Miller and Cooper’s testimony are the only missing pieces), and then perhaps issue indictments of SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS by the end of this summer.

Of course, if SCOTUS takes the case, then we’re talking another year of delays.

But if not, fasten your seatbelts.  It could be a bumpy ride for Bush, Miller, and Cooper, starting tomorrow.

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