Why have conservative Christians so vehemently backed George W. Bush?

It’s not because they want their social security handed over to Charles Schwab. It’s not because they want their children to pay for the war in Iraq. It’s not because they love missile defense systems, or arsenic in their drinking water. It’s not because they support no-bid contracts for Halliburton. It’s not because they want to drill for oil in wildlife refuges. It’s not because they want Usama bin Laden to go unpunished. It’s not because they want veteran’s hospitals to fall apart and veteran’s benefits to be cut. It’s not because they want their public schools underfunded and college loans more expensive and harder to get. No, it’s none of these things.

The conservative Christians support Bush because they want a judge. A Supreme Court judge. And they don’t want some punkass judge like David Souter or Anthony Kennedy. They don’t want another Sandra Day O’Connor. As Judge Bork and the NY Times point out, weak-ass judges have pissed the fundies off, and good:

One result is rage at what Mr. Bork sees as subverted democracy. Even though Republicans keep winning elections, he said, the court “can say that the majority may not rule” in areas where permissiveness reigns, including abortion, gay rights and pornography. Calling most justices “judicial oligarchs,” Mr. Bork said they reflected “the intelligentsia’s attitude, which is to the cultural left of the American people.”

The fundies want to RULE. They want to RULE over the issues of ‘abortion, gay rights and pornography’. They want to make abortion, gay sex, and pornography illegal, and they want to throw people in jail. They want to pass unconstitutional laws, and they want judges that don’t give a shit that the laws are unconstitutional.

“The confrontation is coming with a vengeance,” wrote Dr. James C. Dobson, in a Focus on the Family Action letter to about two million supporters. As he often does, Dr. Dobson labeled Justice Kennedy “the most dangerous man in America.”

These nutcases are chomping at the bit. They can feel the revolution, they are on the cusp of victory. This time, they will not be denied. They’ve worked too hard, they’ve been double-crossed too many times. They are not going to accept anything less than total victory for their candidate, and Bush better pick someone off Dobson’s list.

So, the question is: can we match their intensity?

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