The Fourth of July has absolutely nothing to do with an illegal, immoral, and unjustifiable war being waged in Iraq.

The kick-off for this propaganda push will likely begin as early as tomorrow, and if not, will certainly begin with a presidential address at Fort Bragg, NC on 06/28/05, and likely finish with solemn pageantry and breathtaking fireworks on the Fourth of July. I am addressing this to anyone out there with the courage and influence to preempt this campaign. IMHO, all stops will be pulled to paint the Iraqi “struggle for freedom and independence” as mirroring that of ours in America, and labeling anyone who questions this as the worst kind of traitor. With some skill, forethought, and dedication to presenting the truth, we may be able to warn America before this happens, and allow many more to begin thinking for themselves again.

This in no way intends any disrespect for men and women in uniform, but instead is presented as a way of supporting them and extricating them from this insanity as soon as possible.

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