Have the Americans met with insurgents?
The secret’s becoming emergent.
Are we hedging our bets
With these terrorist threats?
Our macho image may need some detergent!

Four more after the fold
Seems a new president’s running Iran,
A simple guy who obeys the Q’uran.
With a conservative push,
He’s just like George Bush.
Will there be clouds of mushrooms o’er Tehran?

An agriculture departmental brief,
Sent cattlemen reeling in grief.
Seems that wobbling sow
Really did have Mad Cow
But America can’t ask, “Where’s that beef?”

A kidnapped Omar in Milan,
Was rendered with much great élan.
“Bust `em all!” the judge said,
Thirteen CIA fled,
Weren’t they trained not to leave cell phones on?

Seems America now sees the quagmire,
As the Republicans start to perspire,
Will the war in Iraq,
Yield a tried and true tack?
Third time Rummy resigns under fire?

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