Here’s the latest from The Whispering Campaign: The newest (and hottest) item on our menu this evening comes from Larisa Alexandrovna and John Byrne of Raw Story and it’s called “A Massive Secret Bombing Campaign”. Can you guess what it’s about?

Most of the folks around you didn’t see anything about this on TV, did they? That’s where YOU come in!!

Like all our items, it’s been edited to fit on a single page, and formatted for easy printing. We ask — no! We beg! you to copy and distribute our articles as widely as possible. Reaching out beyond the blogosphere has never been easier: Visit. Print. Copy. Distribute. Repeat.

We also [humbly yet urgently] ask you to blog about and/or tell your favorite bloggers about and/or tell your favorite progressive websites about The Whispering Campaign.

None of these would take very much time or effort [compared to, say, copying a book by hand with a pen and carbon paper] but each of them would be a VERY EASY way for YOU to make a BIG difference … because the more links WE get, the less photocopying YOU have to do yourself!

Knowledge Is Power. Pass It On!!

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