We’ve got Booman Tribune, for America and general politics. And European Tribune, for discussing things across the *ahem* frog pond. But what about the Great White North?

There’s plenty of politics going on in the Land of the Maple Leaf these days. We’ve got Rove’s Mini-Me, Harper, trying to hijack the government, while Jack Layton and the NDP fight to keep the Liberals Liberal. There’s lots of details of Parliamentary Procedure that I’d love to learn about and discuss, among other things. There’s the always-wonderful (but slightly over-argued) integration/separation questions. There’s cultural issues and more.

But one thing we seem to be missing is the same wondrous grassroots bottom-up politics revolution our friends in the States seem to be experiencing. The parties had good websites and live news updates last election, but I saw very few blogs – and almost none of the local candidates here in the Maritimes had blogs. Theoretically, since we vote for MPs, not parties, these should be even more important here than Stateside.

I’ve run across a few discussion sites for Canadian politics, but most have an absolutely horrible interface compared to Scoop. Or they have a really repressive and hostile atmosphere – think DailyKos at its worst crossed with Slashdot.

So, what would people say to setting up a “Canadian Tribune” for progressives in the True North to discuss these issues and anything else that crosses our minds? Is it worthwhile? How would we go about approaching Boo about such a thing? Who (other than catnip, the obvious choice) might be a good front-page host? (I’d have to bow out here, though I could do administrative work – as I’m in the middle of a Computer Science masters’ program, my time is rarely as free as I’d like.) Or is there already such a site?

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