We just found this post and it has us ROTFL on several fronts. The headline got us first, then a great line about bars and churches, and then

In short, it’s a way to take information from the blogosphere and distribute it to the general public. But think of it another way, we may be creating the largest printing press on the planet. Only this time it’s distributed printing. Gutenberg would be proud.

We suppose he would. None of us had thought of that before. And we love the name of the blog, don’t you? Simply Appalling!! It’s perfect! Which got us wondering: Who writes this blog?

We may be dumb, but we found out. It’s Handy Fuse, whose profile says:

Upholding the lowest standards of journalism for all to see

which is making us laugh so hard we can’t whisper properly. In any case, a big quiet “thanks” to Handy Fuse and Simply Appalling for all the laughs and for the support too. And just for the record we agree with Handy Fuse about standards. For instance the other day we received e-mail from a reader who wanted to know “what are your criteria?” and of course we told her the truth and said “we don’t have any”. So now she’s one of our contributors. And that’s why we’re whispering. How? Visit. Print. Copy. Distribute. Repeat. Why? Knowledge Is Power. Pass It On!!

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