The following is a diary I posted on May 4, 2005 at dailyKos. I’m posting it here as a primer to a diary I plan to write tonight. A seriously bizarre thing happened to me yesterday. Do you recognize the name Brian Harring? Well guess what? I got an e-mail from him… But I’ll leave that story for tonight, this re-posting is just the primer…

May 4, 2005

I have seen reference occasionally to “news” reports that apparently come from a White House insider. These reports are titled “The Voice of the White House” and are being put out there by TBRNews. The latest installement is all about Gannon (as are many previous postings).

According to TBR News, this “source” is “a reporter with access to the White House and Presidential press briefings.” I began reading some of these reports from when they began back in March of 2004 and, while they are entertaining and sometimes convincing, something smelled bad. So I started to dig….

I think I should first start with TBR News itself. From their website, in the About Us section, the editor calls himself Walter Storch and says that TBR News originally came from the Barnes Review magazine. I have since come to discover, through two sources (one from the CIA and the other from a historical revisionist named Germar Rudolf, that Walter Storch is one of many pseudonyms used by Peter Stahl, a.k.a. Gregory Douglas. So, who is Gregory Douglas?

Well, let’s just say I’ve waded through so many filthy revisionist websites today that I feel almost sick. In essence, it’s all about anti-semitism and the holocost was a hoax shit. Regardless, I plugged my nose, took some gravol, and plowed my way through to find some very interesting information.

It appears Gregory Douglas (or Peter Stahl, or Walter Storch, or ….) is a very elusive character. The following are a few of the things written on him:


During our first conversation in 1994, Dr. Sudholt informed me that Gregory Douglas was the pseudonym of an American writer with connections to American secret services; early in 2001, Mr. Douglas contacted me by telephone in the US. He said he had gotten my number from the Washington revisionist Andrew Gray, since deceased, and that Gray had described me as a rising star and new leader in the Revisionist movement. Mr. Douglas obviously felt a great need to talk to someone. Since I was entirely alone and a good listener, he called me more and more frequently, until he was calling every day and expounding on God, the world, and his action packed life. Some of his tales were truly wild and far-fetched, concerning his dealings with high ranking dignitaries and the underground, in which he always emerged as the hero. Since his lengthy tales helped familiarize me with American colloquial language, I let him talk as much as he wanted. Thanks to my sheeplike patience and his need to talk endlessly, Douglas developed so much confidence in me that he invited me to his home, where he revealed some of his most intimate secrets.[10]

Let me summarize what I learned about him.

After we had become well acquainted, Douglas confessed to me that his real name was Peter Stahl, and he showed me his identification papers. He said he often used the name of his illegitimate son, however. In 1993, this son had begun writing newspaper articles about Gestapo-Müller. This had inspired him (Stahl) to publish the articles in book form. His son had signed the contract with the US publisher and had also received the royalties.

He said that he himself had been born in Germany in 1933. Because of hard times in Germany his parents emigrated to the US in 1934; but finding conditions in the US even worse than in Germany, they gave him up for adoption. Eventually, he was adopted by a German American family. As a young man he researched his parentage and learned that his mother maiden name was Müller and that here family roots went back to the German-French region of Alsace.

Stahl was strongly influenced by his adoptive grandfather, a staunch German nationalist; and since early childhood, Stahl had a strong interest in everything that had to do with Germany and the Third Reich. The defeat of Germany in WWII did not dampen his enthusiasm. In his youth, he began collecting and dealing in National Socialist memorabilia, with which he soon developed an intimate familiarity. This trade became lucrative, as there was a huge market for NS memorabilia from the fifties to the seventies. He progressed from Hitler paintings to other art and sculpture, becoming an artist and art dealer along the way.

In 1963, his predilection for all things German and his admiration for the Third Reich brought him in contact with a German war veteran who introduced himself as a fighter pilot and later confided that he had been a member of the Führer’s honor squadron (Führer-Begleitstaffel). After some time, this pilot introduced Stahl to a friend who later revealed his real identity: Gestapo-Chef Heinrich Müller. A great surprise developed from the discussion of Stahl’s family background, as it turns out that Heinrich Müller’s family originates from the region of Alsace, had a sister with exactly the same name as Stahl’s mother, who happened to have emigrated to the U.S. in the year given by Stahl. A comparison of Stahl’s family documents with those in the possession of Heinrich Müller reveals that Stahl is indeed Müller’s nephew.

Whoa!! OK, this writer is a revisionist himself, so take THAT with a grain of salt. Anyway, Douglas apparently wrote some books on Muller and on the JFK assassination, most of which gets debunked but still sits in the libraries of the most die-hard conspiracy theorists out there.

In other places, I have read that he is in the FBI witness protection program, that he was in the secret service, etc.. In his own words, as shown in this e-mail and this e-mail, he says he lives in France and used to live in Vancouver. He also says he knows the owners of the Barnes Review but they have nothing to to with TBR News (I’ll get to those connections in a minute).

Two gentlemen have been extremely critical of Douglas’ books, one man named Mark Weber of IHR and the other a gentleman called David Irving. They’ve had plenty to say about Douglas and his writings. And Douglas apparently despises both of them. Which brings to mind another quote from the Rudolf paper:

Stahl has a terrible reputation for dealing ruthlessly with those who make his life difficult. He has ways of ruining their economic and social lives by means which are legal and yet very effective. As a trained secret agent with many influential connections he has both the abilities and opportunities to do this. He seems to derive real pleasure from carrying on private feuds.

It was this quote that made me realize that the Voice from the White House that TBR claims to get the information from is actually Stahl/Douglas/Storch himself. Here is a quote from the February 28, 2005 installment, where the “source” says:

Here is the Guckert/Gannon website that sets forth both his fury at being tossed out of the White House like a dog that pissed on the floor and his monumental ego. These following rants sound like something concocted by failed British revisionist, David Irving, who used to put out a pathetic website as well, that informed dozens of people about his daily meals, pets, bowel habits and favorite television programs.

This, along with other things, leads me to believe that Stahl/Douglas/Storch is actually writing these things himself. There is no “source” in the White House sending e-mails to TBR News. This whacko is making it up as he goes along. Why? God only knows….

Finally, his connection to Willis Carto, owner of the Barnes Review, an extreme right wing hate-type site, is not in dispute either. Although his association to Carto seems to be exclusively through the pseudonym Gregory Douglas. This article fron the Southern Poverty Law Center really says it all: ever wonder where the theory came from that Bush knew about 911 ahead of time? Well, here you go. A real group of crackers here.

In the end, it worries me that this twerp is getting in there on the Gannon story. I would caution anyone who is seriously interested in the Gannon investigation to COMPLETELY AVOID citing anything from TBR or the so-called “Voice From the White House”. There is nothing that will discredit the Gannon story quicker than having these people invlolved.

Thank you….

UPDATE: Here is my second diary Follow up: TBRNews and Brian Harring

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