Alright guys look at the top link on right now. It is to a site called Dem Bloggers. This site regularly posts C-SPAN videos along with a bunch of other videos. I am stuck in a cubicle all day in the office and they are a great source of media and information. They routinely post clips of the action from the Senate floor via C-SPAN.

Now here is the problem, C-SPAN has contacted them and has told them to stop posting videos. This is unprecedented and can only be translated as a partisan attack on a Democratic website. I have compiled a list of e-mail addresses from several top liberal bloggers. These guys deserve your utmost respect. Remember our goal is to get C-SPAN to retract it’s partisan attack and allow websites to post videos from it’s Senate and House coverage.

Also, I need a frienly patriot on here to do me a favor. I don’t have a username over at Dailykos but could someone carry the battle over there? This is important because it is the first time that C-SPAN has attacked a Democratic site. If someone could repost this diary over at Dailykos I would really appreciate.

Don’t take my word for it, go over to Dem Bloggers and you will see how much content they post.

I know that it is extraordinarily rude to ask for a recommend but I believe that this is worth it.

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