“While the Administration indulges in happy talk, Iraq is getting worse and worse. Just today, another Iraqi journalist was killed by American troops,” writes Christopher Allbritton, former AP reporter and Back to Iraq blogger.

BAGHDAD—The Americans have killed two Iraqi journalists inside of a week. One was killed Friday and I just heard news of the other. I know a lot about the first death, but at the request of his family, I can’t publish much because his widow fears retribution for her husband having worked for a Western news organization. But he was killed with a single shot to the head by Americans in a passing convoy.

The second I don’t know much about, as I just heard about it. Details haven’t started coming in yet.

I think the Americans have gotten a lot more trigger-happy and twitchy after the campaign of car bombs and other violence. […..]

News flash: Iraq is a disaster. I’ve been back one day, and the airport road was the worst I’ve ever seen it. We had to go around a fire-fight between mujahideen and Americans while Iraqi forces sat in the shade of date palms on the side of the road, their rifles resting across their laps. My driver pointed to a group of men in a white pickup next to me. “They are mujahideen,” he said. “They are watching the Americans.” Indeed, they were, and so intently that they paid no attention to me in the car next to them. We detoured around two possible car bombs that had been cordoned off while Iraqis cautiously approached. … More

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