Howdy folks!!
We had an important visitor to the Froggy Bottom Cafe last night and that was ‘Booman’ and he gave us a wonderful testimonial that I want to share  with you all in case you didn’t see it last night.
Three Cheers for Booman and Froggy Bottom Cafe!!!!!

 Hi Folks
I just wanted to stop by and thank you all for the wonderful job you have done setting up the FBC.

I also wanted to let you know how much your efforts mean for the success of the site.

Yesterday I went to a picnic for the Philly for Change group.  And I spent most of my time chatting up Chris Bowers (of MyDD) and his girlfriend/wife Levana.  First of all, they are really nice people.  But Chris asked me about a statistic called ‘average page views per visit’.  You can see it by visiting the sitemeter at the bottom right of the page.

Right now it shows 5.4, but yesterday it was 5.7, and it has been as high at 8.  By comparison, Daily Kos is currently averaging 1.2 and MyDD is averaging 1.8.

What this means is that even though MyDD is averaging almost 10,000 more visitors a day, they are only averaging 3,000 more page views a day.

And so we are basically in the same band for advertising dollars.

As Chris described it, BooTrib is the ‘stickiest’ website around, by a big margin.  He meant that BooTribbers spend a lot of time here.  And I want to thank Diane101, first and foremost, but Shirlstars and Man Eegee and the recent deputies that have helped them greet newcomers and make them feel welcome.

Your efforts have not only made this site a fun place to spend time, but it has contributed A LOT to its financial viability.  So, thank you all again, and save me a beer for the end of the night 🙂

Please remember the WELCOME WAGON is parked here!!!

Go ahead now and have some fun and good talk with each other AND NEWBIES INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!!

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