This is part of a series that is posted randomly throughout the week. The series is a selection of photos and sometimes editorial cartoons that sum up visually what is going on around the world. Unless otherwise noted, I don’t necessarily endorse the actions or the sentiments portrayed in the photos, and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the captions. Feel free to add any current events photos or editorial cartoons in the replies. WARNING: There may be VERY graphic photos depicting death and violence in each edition of this series.

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Iraqis carry away a victim of a suicide bomber who blew himself at a hospital in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul June 26, 2005 in the second bombing in the city in one day. Four Iraqi policemen were killed and nine people wounded by a suicide bomber who walked into a police post at the main hospital in Mosul and blew himself up on Sunday, police and hospital staff said. REUTERS/Namir Noor Eldeen

Argentinian tango dancers Raquel Haller and German Filipeli are seen through a holed tango scene painted on cardboard at traditional Caminito in La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thursday, June 23, 2005. Friday, June 24, 2005 marks the 70th anniversary of the tragic death of the popular tango singer Carlos Gardel in a plane crash in Colombia. (AP Photo/Dado Galdieri)

The draft interim constitution for Sudan is held aloft by Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir, in Khartoum, Sudan, on Sunday, June 26, 2005. The interim constitution was presented to President Al Bashir on Sunday ahead of submitting it to the parliament for its discussion and approval on Monday. (AP Photo/Abd Raouf)

Nelson Mandela listens to speakers as he joins in the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of South Africa’s Freedom Charter in Kliptown, Soweto, June 26, 2005. The surviving architects of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa gathered around its icon Nelson Mandela on Sunday to mark 50 years of the Freedom Charter that underpinned the epic campaign. Tens of thousands converged on the spot where more than 3,000 black, white and Asian representatives drew up a charter in 1955 that Mandela has likened to the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The Freedom Charter laid the foundation for multi-racial democracy and also called for economic equality that still proves elusive. REUTERS/Lerato Maduna

Dressed in silver mermaid costumes, Helena, left, Tina Wang, center, and Christine Vincent, march in Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Saturday, June 25, 2005. The Cyclone roller coaster, left, and Wonder Wheel ferris wheel, right, are seen in the background. (AP Photo/ Tina Fineberg)

This photo, released by the World Food Program, shows North Korean boys eating lunch at a government-run orphanage in Sariwon, North Hwanghae province. The European Union’s executive arm pledged 10.7 million euros (13.0 million dollars) in humanitarian aid for North Korea’s struggling health services.(AFP/WFP-HO

Iraqi soldiers stand at attention next to their country’s flag on the island of Amur al-Rosaas near the waterway which divides Iran and Iraq June 27, 2005. The flag was raised by the governor of Basra after local media reported that some Iranians had landed on the island. REUTERS/Atef Hassan

Residents of Cuisnahuat, El Salvador, look at a bus that was carried away by flood waters, June 27, 2005. At least 29 people died and several more were missing after rainstorms lashed El Salvador over the weekend, swelling rivers and triggering mudslides, authorities said on Monday. REUTERS/Luis Galdamez

Madame Jozzi, 104, sleeps in a rest home in Paris during the heat wave of 2003 that claimed the lives of an estimated 20,000 people in Europe. The heat wave in southern Europe has raised concerns in Italy where one million people are estimated to be at health risk(AFP/File)

Indian novelist and militant Arundathi Roy raised her fist after reading the final decision of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI), an anti-war grouping of non-governmental organisations, intellectuals and writers, June 27, 2005, held in Istanbul. The WTI harshly, if symbolically, condemned the United States, Britain and their allies for the occupation of Iraq.(AFP/Cem Terkel)

Catherine Mbithe, the bar owner suspected of selling illicit liquor sits on a hospital bed in Machakos. Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki ordered a nationwide crackdown on illicit liquor as the death toll from a poisonous brew rose to 51 and blinded a dozen others in a poverty-stricken region.(AFP)

Hole in the wall : A young Israeli settler walk through a hole in the wall of an abandoned house after he and other settlers took it over overnight at the new settlement outpost of Mitzpe Yam in the southern Gaza Strip. (AFP/Gali Tibbon) Mon Jun 27


Hana Ibrahim, testifies while holding a newspaper with US Secratary of State Condeleezza Rice pictured as a vampire during the second day session of the World Tribunal on Iraq Istanbul session held in Topkapi Palace.(AFP/Cem Turkel)

Israeli soldier Avi Bieber confronts an Israeli border police officer as he refuses to take part in removing Israeli settlers that were trying to prevent army bulldozers from demolishing abandoned buildings near the Jewish settlement of Shirat Hayamin the southern Gaza Strip, Sunday June 26, 2005. Israeli troops on Sunday began demolishing a string of abandoned beach front cottages heading off efforts by hardliner settlers to take over the buildings for resistance against Israel’s planned withdrawal from the area.(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Defeated Iranian presidential candidate Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. There’s nothing like a bit of competition between siblings, so an Iranian couple has decided to name their newborn twins after the Islamic republic’s bitter presidential election rivals.(AFP/File/Patrick Baz)

Health workers tend a man who drunk massive amounts of adulterated alcohol at Kenya’s Machakos District Hospital. Forty-five people have died and dozens were in hospital in Kenya — some of them having gone blind — after drinking vast quantities of a methanol-laced alcoholic brew, health officials said.(AFP)

Fireworks are let off as the slogan for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is unveiled during a ceremony in Beijing, China, Sunday, June 26, 2005. China announced Sunday that the slogan for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games will be ‘One World, One Dream.’The slogan was chosen out of 210,000 proposals submitted in Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Iranian military police brass band play as smoke and flames rise into the night sky as more than 50, 000 kgs of narcotic drugs are destroyed during a burning ceremony in Tehran on Sunday, June 26, 2005. (AP Photo/Hasan Sarbakhshian)

June 27: Delta Company : US soldiers from Delta Company 4-64 speak with Iraqi youths during a patrol in al-Karrada neighborhood in Baghdad. (AFP/Yuri Cortez)

June 27: In the Agra sunrise : Indian men are silhouetted against a rising sun as they share an early morning bath in the shadow of the Taj Mahal in Agra. (AFP/Str)

Royal Marines : Royal Marines Commandos conduct seabourne anti-terrorist operations around the Gran Turk in Portsmouth Harbour, England, on the eve of the International Fleet Review hosted by the Royal Navy. (AFP/John D. McHugh)

The brother, top, and the brother-in-law, bottom left, of Fadil Udaa mourn as they transport his coffin during his funeral in the Sadr City district of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, June 26, 2005. Udaa, a member of the municipal council in Sadr City, was found dead on Saturday with his hands tied and shot in the head after he had been kidnapped by unidentified masked gunmen on Friday. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

Nur supporters : Supporters of Egyptian lawyer Ayman Nur, leader of the Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party, gather outside the courthouse shouting anti-regime slogans. (AFP/Cris Bouroncle) Tue Jun 28

June 28: Bathed in red : Fireworks light up the Gran Turk in the Solent off the coast of Portsmouth, England, during a re-creation of a typical 1800’s naval battle, during the Trafalgar Day celebrations. (AFP/John D. McHugh)

Probably the oddest caption I’ve come across so far.

June 28: An Indian forest guard. Indian forest guards fighting timber thieves in the eastern state of Jharkhand are being frightened off by women who start stripping and yelling for help when their male accomplices are arrested.(AFP/Deshakalyan Chowdhury)

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (R) speaks to the media as his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh looks on during a ceremonial welcome in New Delhi June 29, 2005. India and Singapore will seal a free-trade pact this week to boost economic cooperation and build on growing trade and investment between the two countries, India’s foreign ministry said. The free-trade pact will be signed during Lee’s three-day visit to New Delhi. REUTERS/B Mathur Wed Jun 29,

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo waves after attending a business forum in Manila’s Makati financial district June 29, 2005. Arroyo moved dramatically on Wednesday to reduce pressure on her government from graft allegations, saying her husband Miguel Arroyo has agreed to leave the country. REUTERS/Erik de Castro

Hwang Gum-ju (C), a South Korean woman who said she was forced to become a comfort woman, or sex slave, by the Japanese during World War Two, chants anti-Japan slogans with other former comfort women (L and R) during a protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul June 29, 2005. Dozens of protesters including former comfort women held a demonstration on Wednesday to criticise Tokyo which, they insist, continues to glorify its wartime atrocities. The slogans on their vests read: ‘Honour and human rights to grandmothers (comfort women)!’ REUTERS/You Sung-Ho

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