[From the diaries by susanhu.]

The President goes to Fort Bragg,
With fireworks and waving of flags.
But families are pissed,
At the way they’ve been dissed.
Is he marching right into Fort Frag?

(five more after the fold!)
John Walton has died in a crash,
This heir and board member was brash.
It’s ironic he died,
Like the goods his store plied,
Wrapped up loosely in ultra-light trash.

The justices refused to address,
Two reporters first amendment redress.
Seems the ultimate blame
For Valerie Plame
Remains shrouded in political finesse.

Now Pfizer insists they’re maligned,
And that Viagra won’t make you go blind.
Their pill cures an ill,
Finds a way for the will,
Sadly, that’s how they service mankind.

France won the right to seek fusion,
Despite Bush’s terror allusions.
Seems he wanted Japan,
For the over all plan.
Just another diplomatic contusion.

Bush met with Prime Minister Schroeder,
Passed themselves off as mutual doters.
They’ve in common some polls,
Where they’re looking like trolls.
Most definitely a loser type odor.

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