Just received this email from Emily’s list and thought its findings rather intriquing.

Hope ya’ll don’t mind my using my maiden diary writing here at Booman as a “cut and paste” of their Monitor’s finding… which is basically an increasing gender gap.  It also seems, that women who supported W in 2004 are defecting.  

Key grafs from the email are below the flip:

EMILY’s List Women’s Monitor shows widening gender gap

Democrats have a tremendous opportunity to win women in 2006, according to the latest EMILY’s List Women’s Monitor – “Women at the Center of Political Change.” The gender gap stands at a whopping 16 points, largely because women are deeply dissatisfied with the Republican agenda.

Republicans have failed to hold on to the support of the women who helped re-elect Bush in 2004, with one-third of female Bush voters saying they plan to vote Democratic or are undecided heading into the 2006 congressional elections.

News coverage of the Women’s Monitor has been extensive, with stories by in the Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, and Slate, among other national media.

The results from the Women’s Monitor are just one indication that Democrats have an opportunity to make great gains in 2006, with EMILY’s List leading the way to victory.

“From the intrusion of government into private family decisions, the risk created by efforts to privatize Social Security, and the `my way or the highway’ foreign policy of the Bush administration, the Republicans’ own agenda is driving women away from their party.”
EMILY’s List President Ellen R. Malcolm

The report is here: Emily’s List Report

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