This is what happens when liberals don’t stand up to criminals:

Former US President Ronald Reagan has been voted the “greatest American” of all time by his fellow citizens.

Mr Reagan, who died last year aged 93, topped a list of 10 contenders, which featured six former presidents.

He edged out Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery, and civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Some of the most notable names of US history such as Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, did not make the top 10.

You can blame the media, or our schools, but I blame Tip O’Neill and Jim Wright:

When citizens first learned of the Iran-Contra Affair, they already had strongly negative views toward Iran, but were more divided over the Contras. Citizens’ responses to the revelations were swift and long lasting. Opinion polls showed a large, nearly immediate drop in President Reagan’s popularity. Job approval ratings went from 64% to 46% in November 1986, the largest single drop ever recorded. Polls also showed increases in public disapproval, with 32% disapproving in January 1987 and 48% in June of that year. During 1987, as two investigations were completed, public approval remained stable at about 50%. While Reagan’s job approval ratings snowed some improvement, they never fully rebounded (Schneider 1986,1987; Fried 1997, 83). However, there was never majority support for impeachment and removal from office. Thus the denouement-to investigate, but not to impeach-was broadly consistent with public opinion.

In spite of this, neither O’Neill nor Wright pursued articles of impeachment. This not only allowed Reagan to regain his popularity, but it allowed George Herbert Walker Bush to win the Republican nomination and, subsequently, the Presidency.

Conversely, the Republicans’ decision to impeach Clinton severely tarnished his legacy and badly weakened Al Gore.

Reagan is the greatest American of all time? That is what happens when you try to fight Republicans with one hand tied behind your back.

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