Did you guys see today that the Army exceeded its recruiting goal for June 2005?  Wow, I’m impressed as all get out until I start reading the finer print.  Now I have questions.  The recruiting goal for February 2005 was 7,050 and they fell 27% short of making that goal.  The recruiting goal for March 2005 was 6,800 and they fell 32% short of making that goal.  The recruiting goal for April 2005 was 6,600 and they fell 42% short of making that goal.  The recruiting goal for May was 6,700 (the month that most seniors graduate) and they fell 25% short that month.  For the month of June though they have exceeded the goal……..THE GOAL OF 5,650 that is 950 less than the previous month’s goal……so should I really be impressed by this EXCESS??
At least they made it though huh?  Here I am bitching but they did at least make it….or did they?  There’s more than one way to make a cat looked skinned in June (with it’s new lower than the lowest monthly goal). Nice how they have omitted the whole delayed-entry pool decision from their press release.  How many of the recruits for the month of June (with it’s lower than the lowest monthly goal) were “tapped from the delayed-entry pool”?  Will we ever know?  I haven’t had a direct question of mine answered by the Army now in about 4 years.  If only I could find last years recruiting goal monthly figures, maybe I could understand why when High School students all over the United States are graduating it is the time to decrease monthly recruiting goals.  Particularly after the monthly goals for the four previous months met huge recruitment shortfalls.  If anybody can find those figures please pass them on……I can’t find squat!

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