I watched The Girl in the Cafe last night, it is on HBO’s OnDemand feature for Comcast.  Essentially the story is another primer for the G8 in July.  Another underlying theme however, is critical of the idea of “the compromise”.  We work all our lives towards these goals, which we feel are going to better the world for generations to come.  Yet when we sit down someone, or are intimidated, we feel the need to take what we can get.

As democrats, we need to stand up for our ideals in a World that can be on the brink of change.

I have always had strong feelings for those parts of songs, or a line in a book, you know, the one where you say to yourself, “I wish this could go on forever” or “What a perfect combination of words.”  A line in The Girl in the Cafe goes something like this, “Men will change things in a decade or so, they will look back and say, what were they thinking?  They could have done something.”

*The review for the movie can be found here, http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/25/arts/television/25stan.html.

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