The President has said it again.
“Watching violence and bloodshed offends.”
I tune MY TV,
But the dead I don’t see,
Is he watching the same CNN?

(four more after the fold)
Proposing gay marriage statecraft
Canucks take on an issue that’s chaffed.
As hopeful gays flee,
For the right just to be,
Have they ironically created a draft?

There’s an argument over your milk!
Could it be poisoned by terrorist ilk?
As the government bums,
Try to stifle forums,
Is it going to be safe to drink silk?

Seems the Bushies aren’t funding our vets,
VA facilities without safety nets,
Down $2.1 billion,
For the one-in-a-million,
They advocate to eliminate epaulets.

A year since the transfer of powers,
But the average Iraqi still cowers.
Yet Bush and his crew,
Simply toot their kazoo,
They still think they’ll be throwing us flowers.

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