We’ve just added two new items to our menu.

“We Need Honest Answers, Not Pep Rallies” is a reply to
last night’s throne speech, addressed to the chimperor on behalf of all Iraq war vets, from Paul Rieckhoff of OpTruth. Very powerful stuff and definitely worth sharing.

“Blood And Lies” is by Robert C. Koehler and it’s powerful, too. [Otherwise we wouldn’t bother — doh!] Did I ever mention that we like Bob Koehler? If you haven’t read him before, please come along to our site for a sample.

And you may have read both of these excellent columns already, but even if you have, please think of your neighbors — the people all around you who only watch TV and don’t even surf the net, let alone navigate the blogosphere. This is for them and for people like them — curious but uninformed. You can give them the gift of knowledge.

All our broadsheets are designed for easy printing [one click] and easy reading [large fonts]. They even contain instructions for their own replication. Please do your part to share the real news with our fellow citizens.

The Whispering Campaign
Visit. Print. Copy. Distribute. Repeat.
Knowledge Is Power. Pass It On!!

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