image: An Iraqi woman cries after losing her daughter in a car bomb explosion in Baghdad June 13, 2005. A senior U.S. diplomat survived on Monday when a suicide car bomber struck a U.S. military convoy in Baghdad, several police sources said. REUTERS/Thaier Al Sudani

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It’s Time
by Aleksándr Púshkin
translation by A.S. Kline

It’s time, my friend: it’s time! The heart wants rest –
the days slip by, the hours take away
fragments of our life: and you and I
plan how to live and, – just like that – we die.
No happiness on earth, yet there’s freedom, peace.
I’ve long dreamt of an enviable fate –
I’ve long thought, a weary slave, to fly
to some far place of labour and true joy.

– – –

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