God, I hated that time in America.  Every freaking night on the network news shows my mom watched, there would be the daily count:  Hostage Crisis in Iran, Day 103.  Hostage Crisis in Iran, Day 235.  Hostage Crisis in Iran, Day 444.  Sometimes, the hits just keep on coming back!

A quarter-century after they were taken captive in Iran, five former American hostages say they got an unexpected reminder of their 444-day ordeal in the bearded face of Iran’s new president-elect.

Watching coverage of Iran’s presidential election on television dredged up 25-year-old memories that prompted four of the former hostages to exchange e-mails. And those four realized they shared the same conclusion — the firm belief that President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had been one of their Iranian captors.

Didja get that?  History is just itching to bite us in the ass again.

“This is the guy. There’s no question about it,” said former hostage Chuck Scott, a retired Army colonel who lives in Jonesboro, Ga. “You could make him a blond and shave his whiskers, put him in a zoot suit and I’d still spot him.”

Scott and former hostages David Roeder, William J. Daugherty and Don A. Sharer told The Associated Press on Wednesday they have no doubt Ahmadinejad, 49, was one of the hostage-takers. A fifth ex-hostage, Kevin Hermening, said he reached the same conclusion after looking at photos.

US-Iranian tensions haven’t been this high since, well since the hostage crisis.  And now, oh, the irony is so thick its about to smother me, now, George Bush, Ronnie Raygun on steroids, the antithesis of Jimmy Carter, will be drawn back into a saber rattling dance with this Iranian man.  If it’s him, this Iranian man who participated in an act that must be highly symbolic for the Muslim world, the recapture of their nation from American rule.  He will be their champion against America again.  Do we not live in a Shakesperean drama?

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