Gay marriage is legal in Spain!
`Tis stirring to see logic reign.
Would old Colonel Pickering,
Allow me some snickering,
As I say, “Hope this becomes mainly plain.”?

(four more after the fold)
“A Tower of Impregnability”
Snarked The Times with all due civility.
The new Freedom Tower,
As a symbol of power?
Or more like “impregnated debility”?

Is the president elect of Iran,
A former student/captor/strongman?
Some victims think so,
Many others don’t know,
Has Fox News infected the newsman?

They gave the green light to the shuttle.
Seems Discovery won’t face being scuttled.
And the critics have said,
Crews could still wind up dead.
But NASA offers this up as rebuttal!

As the “War of the Worlds” is unfurled,
Will theatre receipts be impearled?
Or will the high prices,
And economy crisis,
Be the reasons that Hollywood’s hurled?

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