Leonard Clark, the subject of my earlier diary has kindly given permission for me, and to any other Kossack or Tribunian (?), to republish emails from his blog site here at Daily Kos, at Booman Tribune, or on your own blogs.  

In fact, he gives his permission to anyone who wishes to disseminate his message.  But if you have time, please leave him a comment in support of his work and in support of his fellow soldiers.

His most recent email, which calls for the impeachment of President Bush, is after the break.

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I remember sitting and watching the news show every Sunday morning in the states and becoming very emotional every time I saw the faces and names of soldiers who were killed over here in this disasterous fiasco called the Occupation of Iraq. I grew very angry at the terrorist who killed them but angrier at the maniac who put them there and caused their unnessary deaths.

I could not understand nor do I understand even now how an American leader can be so callous as to sacrifice American soldiers lives just so he won’t have to be embarrassed or look bad politically.

We are not over here propping up a corrupt government just for democracy the leadership has us here for 2 to 3 reasons : 1.) For the U.S. to have an excuse just occupy a piece of territory in the Middle East as a future beach head against Iran 2.) For the blood money of oil. 3.) To prevent the embarrassment of the maniac (you know who) who would have to admit he made a mistake.

Meanwhile, my brother and sister soldiers do their best to show that we are not like our leadership but that we care about the people of Iraq and that while we are here we will do our best to treat them with kindness, and dignity and the respect that all human beings should be shown. Are there those who would besmirch our reputation: I say yes, but remember in every barrel of apples unfortunately there are a few bad apples. I want to let you know that my fellow soldiers in the 860th M.P. CO. would not tolerate any violation of human rights toward Iraqi citizens. We are the ones who are crying for their children when we see the conditions that they are living under and the mal-nourishment that they suffer. We bring them food and we give them toys . I have seen with my own eyes countless acts of kindness by my fellow soldiers even though they know that the parents of some of the children they are treating with kindness plot with terrorist to kill us. I know that I and my fellow soldiers will immediately report any soldier who violates the human rights of an Iraqi citizen. If this means that other soldiers would want to kill me so be it because I am going to have to live with myself if GOD lets me get back to the states and my family.

But unfortunately, we have overstayed our welcome here in Iraq. Most of the normal Iraqi citizens are thankful that we deposed their evil dictator but now they are starting to wonder why we are staying here for so long after the victory. Of course some of their leaders as I alliterated in an earlier email are saying they need us here because they are embezzling billions of dollars of U.S. tax payer dollars and their own Iraqi citizens money and making many Swiss bankers very happy. This corruption runs from the top of the Iraqi government right down to many of the local police chiefs because this is considered the normal way of doing business in this part of the world. Nepotism is rampant and we may view it and all these things in horror as compared to own government (oops, but I forgot about n0-bid Halliburton, KBR, oil lobbyist etc. in the White House) but this is their culture.

As I suggested earlier we don’t have turn a withdrawal into a retreat but instead turn a withdrawal into a plus for our great nation. We can convene a special session of the U.N. and of the security council and ask that China, Russia, Germany, France and other nations send troops to be stationed on the borders of Iraq such as Kuwait. In this way we would reassure the Iraqis and the world that we are not just making up a story about wanting to establish a foothold for democracy in the Middle East and that if Syria or Iran or any foreign nation for that matter tries to come into Iraq that we will as a world community take immediate steps to stop any nation trying to do that. But, as you probably know this leadership has its own hidden agenda.

Oour leadership has now lost much of its credibility with the world community. The world community says they are going to help us by contributing a drop here and a drop there but they are just giving us lip service. The current leader is a lightning rod for the United States and it will be very difficult to work with the world as long as this maniac is in charge.

The Downing Street Memos and many other pieces of evidence are now in my opinion showing conclusively that impeachable offenses have been committed against our great country the United States of America. Over 1,740 American soldiers have now lost their lives for a lie and tragically this figure will probably go over 2,000 if current trends continue ( I just pray that none of my fellow soldiers or my self become part of these statistics.

Again, your words and prayers have strengthened myself and my fellow soldiers. It is, in all truthfulness very scary to know that I have not only terrorist that are trying to kill me every day over here but a leadership that is certainly monitoring all of these messages to the world that I am sending and its own ideas about how to silence me. But, the cause is a just and noble one : That Not One More American Soldier should die over here in this great lie we call the Occupation of Iraq! Keep up the good fight and don’t let the Orwellians get you down!

N.O. M.A.S. !

Si Se Puede ! Viva Caeser Chavez, Martin Luther King and Mr. Ghandi !

P.S. to Steven and all of you out there thanks and by all means you have my permission Leonard Clark to disseminate and spread these words as far and wide as possible so that the world may know the king is wearing no clothes and that we can stop the killing of our American soldiers so that they may return home to their families.

Leonard Clark (the damned liberal patrolling the mean streets of Iraq every day) 🙂

Inner City Public School Kinder Garten teacher

Resident of Glendale, Arizona

and Candidate for the United States Senate

in Arizona against John Kyl

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