From India Economic Times:

In a move that has significance for Indian professionals seeking to work in the US, the government has made a formal proposal to the WTO demanding that the yearly quota of H1B visas be increased to 1,95,000 from the current ceiling of 65,000.

By going through the WTO, India by-passes US congress as well as US immigration law, only the US executive branch has any power and they already want unlimited worker movement across borders.  Now US immigration policy can be seen as a “barrier to trade”.

This is deadly for high paying tech jobs in the US and has implications for any job that cannot be offshore outsourced to be “insourced” instead.

India has used the H-1B VISA system to their comparative advantage as a method to move the US high tech jobs overseas, long term. Cheaper foreigners can come here, get established in the US system, obtain training (it takes about 3 years for an engineer on the job to really become skilled), and then return to their home country, establish offshore outsourcing consulting firms and have “inroads” into US companies to convince them to move the engineering and computer science jobs overseas.

H-1B is supposed to be for professional workers, minimum Bachelors degree, but a percentage of foreign H-1B workers credentials are forged.

An Indian Masters degree, the MSc., is equal to a US Bachelors degree (BS) in terms of education level (comes into to study in American universities as an accredited BS degree)..yet Americans with Masters degrees from America are being replaced with foreign engineers with inferior skills and education level…the reason is it’s all about cheap wages and corporate control.

The corporation operating in the United States controls the H-1B VISA status, plus H-1Bs are paid 20% to 50% less than their US counterpart.

If a corporation doesn’t like what the H-1B VISA holder is doing they can just fire them and thus that person has to return to their home country.

Hira & Hira, Outsoucing America is a very good overall reference on offshore outsourcing, abuse of the US VISA system, trade and it’s ill effects on the middle class.

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