Has anyone seen the clip on Buzzflash about Paul Harvey having a verbal BM today on the radio?

F.A.I.R. caught Harvey in a display of right wing nuttery that I think puts the old goat into the proper light he deserves to be in.

Paul seems to like Slavery, genocide, and biological warfare, and nuclear war.  Apparently this was an exceptionally hateful rant.

Link to FAIR

I find it odd and amusing that Disney/ABC would not distribute the hugely successful “Fahrenheit 9/11” because of the possibility of alienating families, but appears to tolerate and like even, the rant of a man who thinks we should have used nuclear weapons in the Afghanistan invasion.

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Take a read over at FAIR, you’ll shake your head in wonder.

Apparently, I must be missing something here.  Paul figures I guess, that Abu Ghraib and Guantanemo torture and humiliation is peachy keen.  That somehow mass murder, and the virtual “Einsatzgruppen” behavior in the Fallujah massacre was good for the soul of America, and makes us strong and powerful and “successful!”

Well, I’ll tell you what, maybe we ought to tell Diney/ABC just how thrilled we are that Paul Harvey thinks sending smallpox infected blankets to the indians was so wonderful for America, or how nukes in a mountainous place like Afghanistan would do much more than make a glass parking lot out of an already impoverished and desolate place, what a stunning triumph for America that would be….such verve and panache’ that so compliments the American State.

I have heard some goofy things on talk radio over the years and truly miss Rod MacLeish, but I swear MacLeish’s book “Prince Ombra” was prophetic!  However, Harvey’s outburst is older than “Ombra,” its something you could make a movie out of…..we could call it, “The Old Jingo.”  The lies of old men are killing too many in the neo-con fabulist fantasies embraced by by Bush and jingoes like Paul Harvey.  

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