… lately it occurs to me … that I always tell you about the new items on the menu at The Whispering Campaign. And maybe that’s ok with you, but I’m getting bored with it. So this time I’ll tell you what’s been most popular there so far this evening… [drum roll]…

I Hope I Die Before The Next Re-Fill — Greg Palast on politics and the high cost of medicine.

Bush Sets Up Domestic Spy Service — hard news of the day as reported by the BBC.

Bush’s Alternative Speech — from the inimitable Robert Parry, a script bush would never read!

Unleashing The Resistance — former Pentagon insider Karen Kwiatkowski on what we have to be prepared to do.

From an Iraqi citizen to the American people — a letter from Iraq, to all of us, via Dahr Jamail.

Interesting stuff here, from many different points of view. And it’s not just for you: it’s also [especially!] for your neighbors, and all the other people out there who still watch TV and don’t even surf the net, let alone navigate the blogosphere. This is for them and for people like them — curious but uninformed. You can give them the gift of knowledge.

All our broadsheets are designed for easy printing [one click] and easy reading [large fonts]. They even contain instructions for their own replication. Please do your part to share the real news with our fellow citizens.

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